advice for trendy people

I just had another thought to help my fellow trendy people. There are times in life when mainstream people perceive of you, the trendy person, as a place to Slum It. They may want you to ‘score’ some ‘drugs’, or it’s possible they will only contact you when they are in a black out state of some kind. Be aware of this, and while of course going on a drug run is always a good idea, don’t inconvenience yourself overmuch. If there’s a rash of frequent contact, say after somebody has just slept with you for the very first time or when somebody with a day job is extremely interested in where to go each and every night, its best to be a little standoffish but still get free drinks. This is not the easiest thing in the world to digest or master, but you can take it to your grave – or, in my case, your eternity nook at the Neptune Society Columbarium in San Francisco, just to the side of the coffee machine.

I have a lot to say about being a good roommate, enough to fill a book, but that book would just get remaindered, so I’ll post it here in the advice section as I think of it. 1. Don’t be too chintzy – a young lady lived with me for an entire year, and she would never wash one single dish if it was not hers. Was she teaching me a lesson, like some type of primitive animal? Did she think I would just jump on the hygiene train if it was modelled for me in a ungenerous manner? Ha! I prefer to wash all the dishes sometimes, sometimes the roommate does, and sometimes hire one of my down and out artist friend to be my cleaning lady. You ARE hiring your down and out artist friends, aren’t you? There is absolutely no other way for us to survive. For example, even I work a little, because a with it photographer saw I was completely unemployable and she is unique.

  1. Janor Hypercleets said:

    Jennifer: I still enjoy your high camp writing. Maybe I should go up to New York sometime and rent your room through airbnb. I have some friends up there and I could do my street act in New York City. I’m renting a room in Richmond right now. I had some advice for trendy people. Like, This Society Sucks!! If you’re trendy, this is your excuse for everything, this is why you don’t have a job, your band has no bookings, your boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you, because, This Society Sucks!! This is your all purpose excuse for everything. So if you find yourself as a heroin addict living on a sidewalk, it’s not your fault, it’s George W. Bush’s fault, because This Society Sucks!!

  2. zuebridvemuba said:

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox now if a comment is added I get four emails sticking with the same comment. Is there however you can eliminate me from that service? Thanks!

    • i don’t know what the heck happened, looks like my last ‘update’ here was 2012, mostly forgot about this blog attempt – I can put you in the ‘spam’ folder and see if that helps get you off of here?

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